The ensemble Eik and Linde was formed in 2000 on the occasion of a concert in the upstairs hall of the historic cafÉ Eik en Linde in Amsterdam’s Plantage district. Members of the ensemble were brought together by their shared passion for baroque music and desire to follow the performance practice of the period sources as closely as possible. Naturally, they perform on period instruments or copies thereof.

Franc Polman is artistic director and principal concertmaster.
Besides in Amsterdam, Eik and Linde enjoys perform in characteristic locations regionally and abroad. Since 2002, Eik and Linde has collaborated in the monthly Bach-cantata series in Zaandam’s Bullekerk. Outside of these regualr activities, the ensemble performs incidentally with vocal ensembles. Eik and Linde’s programming is characterized by contrastingly famous and lesser known period composers


Concertmaster and Artistic Director: Franc Polman
Violin: Elisabeth Ingenhousz, Hans Lub, Frances Thé, Stijn Schmeddes, Roos Al, Oscar Bannink, Wiesje Miedema, Heleen Delis, Marleen Zoutman, Kim White
Viola: Sven Rotteveel Mansveld, Florrie van der Kamp, Marieke Wenink
Cello: Jamie McLaren, Jan Insinger
Bass: Huub van de Velde
Traverso: Roel Stern
Bassoon: Stefanie Liedtke, Thomas Oltheten
Oboe: Waldemar Bomba, Dorota Gorlow, Anna Star, Amy Power
Horn: Hylke Rozema, Misha Sporck
Timpani: Ewoud Zeldenrust
Continuo: Michiel Mirck


Chairman: Susanne Bakker
Treasurer: Raads Welvaadt
Secretary: Wiesje Miedema

Artistic Adviser: Jan Nuchelmans
Policy Adviser: Casper Vogel

Corporate Management: Sven Rotteveel Mansveld
Production: Sven Rotteveel Mansveld, Kim White
Public Relations: Izak Perdijk